TED Talk: Let’s Teach Girls Bravery Instead Of Perfection

What a fascinating TED Talk from Girls Who Code founder, Reshma Saujani. In this 13-minute delivery, Saujani brings common ideas to light, but with a refreshed perspective.

It is no secret that feminism, in addition to human equality, are currently bathing in the limelight; and, with good reason. With the Internet and social media at our fingertips, we have instant access to information that wasn’t tangible a decade ago. Social media, still in its infancy, is breaking ground on global movements by giving communities a platform to be heard from.

Saujani’s TED Talk is proof of how much work we’ve left to do, when it comes to equality and opportunity. A key takeaway from this TED Talk, and a statement that sums up our social conditioning:

“When the guys are struggling with an assignment, they’ll come in and they’ll say, ‘professor, there’s something wrong with my code.’ The girls will come in and they’ll say, ‘professor, there’s something wrong with me.'”

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