Another Year, Another Wrap Blog

Cheers to another year of creating and building relationships- the best is yet to come!

First, before I get to the normal nitty gritty, a big part of 2022 was developing a concept I’ve had in my head for almost a decade. Rise Up Soccer Club is a complete labor of love, and I have been joined by four former teammates/soccer colleagues to bring it to life. In the spring, we will hit the ground running at our pilot school. We will be bringing the beautiful game to girls throughout the community and eventually, the world. Read more about this longtime coming endeavor, here. And, if you are able to donate, we are still fundraising to get off the ground in the spring. So, you can donate here if you are interested.

Now, switching gears to get us back to the regularly scheduled programming.

A lot of the day-to-day content work is featured on my social channels these days, via Rachel Jolley or H2H Social. But, to keep the blog train on the tracks- here are some of my favorite work samples from 2022:

MADE Coffee

Mother Kombucha

Daily Eats

Luv Child

Green Lemon

Miss Crit X Creative Pinellas/Mother Kombucha


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