What’s In A Name? [Everything]

Why did I nix my photography brand (formerly #JolleyPhoto), and use my own name instead?

For the first time, I took a step back from my personal brand and treated myself like a client. It was a difficult thing to do, and it took a few trips back and forth from the drawing board; but, alas, here we are. So, back to the question: what’s the reasoning behind the changes? Well…

  • By 2020, 50% Of Workers Will Be Self-Employed

Sound crazy? Nah. It’s just us entitled millennials, doing what we do. Click here for the stats.

The economy gave millennials lemons; so, we are doing what any logical American would do. We’re making pizza instead.

Rather than continuing the traditional trend of fitting squares into circles, we are getting rid of the circles altogether. We are creating our own jobs, and our own teams; not because we are entitled, but because we never had a choice.

  • Your Word Is Your Brand

And attached to your word [and your brand], is a name. Whether it’s an entry-level position, or an entrepreneur, millennial professionals build a personal brand on a daily basis.

With the known fact that half of us will be self-employed by 2020, it seemed like a good idea to start building out my personal brand.

  • Staying Weird

It was really difficult for me to justify putting “storyteller, photographer, and soccer coach” as my description; mainly because 80% of other self-made(s) repeatedly told me, “you have to focus on one thing.” Sorry, guys, but I’m a bit stubborn.

For me, this is focusing on one thing. All three of my crafts are intertwined, and they are the fuel that keeps the creative process moving inside me. Without that, I have no brand.

So, despite the majority’s advice, here’s to staying weird!


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